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Mini DAYZ is an open-world survival game where you have to face dangers of all kinds: zombies, food scarcity, extreme cold... and obviously other survivors. Basically this is a pixellated mobile version of the amazing DayZ.

Starting out you can pick from two control schemes: a virtual stick or taps to the screen to move around. The action buttons are situated on the right side of the screen, and let you pick objects up off the ground, ruffle through containers, or use your firearm. The hand-to-hand combat happens automatically... and is not a great idea if you don't have a good axe on hand.

Your main aim in Mini DAYZ is to survive as long as you can. As you'll discover soon enough, this task turns out to be much harder than it initially might seem. Not only do you need to eat and drink regularly – you'll also have to face the incessant zombie attacks and occasional brushes with other survivors.

Should you manage to live long enough to level up, there will be special skills to unlock and improvements to make to your own characteristics. As you explore the giant game setting you'll also come across AI-controlled characters (both friendly and hostile) and the occasional surprise.

Mini DAYZ is an outstanding survival game with a huge and thrilling world to explore, delightful pixellated graphics, and a gameplay that's as merciless as it is fun. A worthy addition to the DayZ franchise.
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Mini DAYZ is a mini version for Android of the PC mega-hit

Bohemia Interactive forged its reputation mainly with its realistic military action saga ARMA, which hit new heights of fame thanks to the amateur mod DAYZ. Later on this mod would get absorbed by the company itself and is currently under development. In the meantime the studio has made certain overtures to the mobile market with, for example, its Arma Mobile Ops and now Mini DAYZa 2D adaptation of the game that includes the vast majority of the features from the original. Plus it's 100% free and has no in-app purchases of any kind.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher.

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